‘Primo’ Creator Previews ‘Sweet, Charming & Funny’ Freevee Family Comedy

‘Primo’ Creator Previews ‘Sweet, Charming & Funny’ Freevee Family Comedy
May 2023

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This coming-of-age sitcom gives new meaning to the expression "Say uncle!" Primo, as the Latino family calls 16-year-old Rafa (newcomer Ignacio Diaz-Silverio), grows up in San Antonio with single mom Drea (Christina Vidal, The Terminal List ) and the influence of his five devoted uncles.

Trouble is, Mom's brothers rarely agree -- on anything. While bad boy Rollie (Johnny Rey Diaz) prescribes an act of violence to get a crush's attention, crunchy Mondo (Efrain Villa) suggests communal crying -- like a group hug, but wetter.

‘Primo’ Creator Previews ‘Sweet, Charming & Funny’ Freevee Family Comedy

(Credit: Amazon Freevee)

Sharp and semi-autobiographical, the series is created by best-selling Movies (And Other Things) author Shea Serrano, with the writers' room presence of Emmy-winning exec producer Mike Schur (Parks and Recreation).

"Primo is considerably more sweet, charming and funny than I was, but his nervousness -- that's me," Serrano says, noting that seconds into his alter ego's audition, "We were like, 'He's got it!'"

While Diaz-Silverio's easy smile, tousled curls, and subtle way with an eye roll are irresistible, the combative uncles -- each in his own ludicrous way -- are the show's ticket to hilarious banter. Amid the manic male energy, Drea provides "the glue that holds it all together," Vidal says, describing the show's characters, including her harried mother figure, as "layered and relatable."

Joining a cast with fun, fantastic chemistry has made Primo a dream job. "The focus is on family," Vidal says. And this crew is crazy, wonderful, and real. --Nina Malkin

Primo, New Series, Friday, May 19

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