Katy Perry Sparks 2 More Coronation Memes, Including One Involving an Adele Comparison

Katy Perry Sparks 2 More Coronation Memes, Including One Involving an Adele Comparison
May 2023

Queen Camilla might have formally ascended the throne at King Charles' coronation on Saturday (May 6). However, Katy Perry is emerging as a different sort of queen after attending the event.

She's the undeniable Meme Queen of the coronation.

If you missed it, the 38-year-old "Dark Horse" icon attended the historic day, wearing an extra-large pink hat that perfectly matched her outfit.

She sparked her first meme of the day after cameras captured footage of her looking lost and confused while hunting for her seat. Katy, ever a good sport, had a fun response to being the butt of the joke.

Two more Katy-centric memes have taken off online since the conclusion of the coronation. One of them even involves a comparison to fellow pop titan Adele.

Head inside to check out the two additional Katy Perry memes to emerge from King Charles' coronation...

First up, fans might have seen a video of King Charles being formally crowned circulating Twitter. You'd remember it because Katy's smash hit "Firework" is playing in the background.

"NOT FIREWORK PLAYING DURING THE CORONATION," one fan wrote alongside the clip. Another Twitter user desperately wanted to know if it was a fan edit.

Let us clear the air for you once and for all: Did "Firework" play during the coronation? That would be a resounding no. However, Katy is one of multiple stars who will take the stage King Charles' Coronation Concert on Sunday (May 7).

Katy's final meme has her being compared to Adele! This one involves a brief clip of her watching the coronation from her seat while seemingly trying to avoid making eye contact with the camera.

"The Katy Perry version of Adele," one fan captioned the clip on Twitter.

"Someone's gonna make a side-by-side gif of katy perry & adele trying to not look at the camera," yet another fan tweeted.

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